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Hot wooden tubs

Already for centuries the heat sessions in wooden tubs has been a popular procedure for renewing our physical and mental strength. Tub is a special kind of sauna that as they believe has been borrowed from Japanese and is used outside in a fresh air. Instead of a hot air, a hot water (38-45 degrees) is used for heating the body. As in every sauna, also in the tub a person’s body is renewed and tempered and its spirit purified. Heating in a tub is an efficient way how to improve the blood circulation and it also helps to heal rheumatic pain and variety of nervous system diseases. Besides that it’s just a nice and exciting way to relax. Try it in our unique oak tub that has been immersed in the water and it will be an unforgettable experience!


Update date: 12th. March, 2018


From 18th december, 2012 we are in new place!


Our complex is the only floating health center in Latvia.


We would like to specially accent the unique procedure with pure beer, brewer’s grain and



Unique (hot water) oak tub, that has been immersed in the water, the only one in Latvia.


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