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Peelings and scrubs

We offer to try a wide selection of peelings and scrubs made from natural Latvian products. Depending of each customer’s individual skin type the best recipe is chosen.


We suggest for you to try one of our unique products – the brewer’s grains.


The brewer’s grain is a product from processing barley grain’s malt that can be used to diversify your sauna procedures, revealing new senses and enriching your experience. You can choose the rough or softer brewer’s grain peeling.


In the sauna process the brewer’s grain can be used for different type of skin care procedures – for peeling, applying masks and rubbing the skin that will help to keep its beauty and health, and using them regularly will make your skin elastic and smooth.



In our complex we offer a wide selection of natural body masks made exclusively from Latvian products.


  • Baldone’s mud mask
  • honey-wheat mask
  • healing clay mask
  • chocolate mask.

We offer also three kinds of brewer’s grain masks:


1. Purifying-regenerating mask.

2. Regenerating-degreasing mask.

3. Regenerating-nourishing mask.


Update date: 12th. March, 2018


From 18th december, 2012 we are in new place!


Our complex is the only floating health center in Latvia.


We would like to specially accent the unique procedure with pure beer, brewer’s grain and



Unique (hot water) oak tub, that has been immersed in the water, the only one in Latvia.


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