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The price is 155 EUR per person.


The price includes 4 hours long health procedures with the best Latvian specialists.


  • The sauna warm-up procedure, 
  • individual birching (optional), 
  • peeling and scrub procedures (optional),
  •  body mask (optional), 
  • massage (optional),
  • bath in the tub (optional),
  • tea, honey, delicacies and the natural drinking water ''Baltezers'',  
  • an informative film about sauna procedures.


Each guest for the time of the procedures will receive a bathrobe, towel, sheet, slippers, sauna bolster and hat.

At the end of the procedures each of the guests will be given a surprise souvenir.

We provide the transport in Riga – back and forth.


Update date: 12th. March, 2018


From 18th december, 2012 we are in new place!


Our complex is the only floating health center in Latvia.


We would like to specially accent the unique procedure with pure beer, brewer’s grain and



Unique (hot water) oak tub, that has been immersed in the water, the only one in Latvia.


Call us: (+371) 29866890

E-mail: info@greenisland.lv