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Rent a room

We also offer to rent a room for small groups. Up to 10 persons for 5 hours – 215 EUR.


You are welcome to relax with a family, as well as to have a romantic evening or night just for two in our health complex! On the prices please call the administration. The security deposit for pre-reservation in amount of 50% is mandatory!


Gift cards are available!


Update date: 12th. March, 2018


From 18th december, 2012 we are in new place!


Our complex is the only floating health center in Latvia.


We would like to specially accent the unique procedure with pure beer, brewer’s grain and



Unique (hot water) oak tub, that has been immersed in the water, the only one in Latvia.


Call us: (+371) 29866890

E-mail: info@greenisland.lv