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Zadeitas stones

Fireplaces in which the Zadeitas stones are used create a healthy environment. Zadeitas blocks harmful radiance and purifies the water and the air from the microbes.  The steam in this sauna has in it the metacream acid that is healthy for the bones and skin. When heated Zadeitas is a source of the infrared radiance and it’s often used in the modern physiotherapy.


When Zadeitas interacts with the water, the stones saturate the water with the metasilicic acid that has a healing effect on the skin.


Update date: 12th. March, 2018


From 18th december, 2012 we are in new place!


Our complex is the only floating health center in Latvia.


We would like to specially accent the unique procedure with pure beer, brewer’s grain and



Unique (hot water) oak tub, that has been immersed in the water, the only one in Latvia.


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